Phenolic-backed, solid aluminum sheets with beautifully embossed textures. Our line of textured metals is the perfect combination of natural elements and geometry. Choose from a wide array of patterns from tulips and river rocks to basketweave and celtic.


Solid sheets of aluminum available in 10 different finishes. Unline our Metal Laminate with phenolic backing, Pure Metal is only metal. The lack of phenolic backing allows the product to be bent, molded or formed in many different ways. 


​Solid sheets of stainless steel with a design etched into the plate. These designs (there are currently three) are subtle enough not to take over a design but dynamic enough to bring a design to the top of the minds of others.


The evolution of laminate. Ultra Matte is a revolutionary new laminate surface based on nanotechnology. it has an appealing tactile qualities including a highly scratch resistant surface which feels silky to the touch and leaves virtually no fingerprints behind.


Sheets of aluminum available in 4 different finishes backed by phenolic (typical backing for most high pressure laminate). Our Metal Laminate has high fingerprint and dust resistance.  
Texture Everywhere 

Textured Metals

Go as BOLD or as subtle as your design allows. Textured Metals allow installation
on nearly any surface. Even where you might not expect it!

Take a look at our sister companies!

If it is texture that you are searching for, then you found the right place. Specified Metals and it's sister companies, Interlam, Lab Designs, and Acoustical Art Concepts can provide what you need. Interlam is the leader in architectural wall panels and components. Lab Designs Laminates carries high end, high pressure laminates with colors and textures without the high end price. Acoustical Art Concepts provides printed ceilings and wall panels, embossed ceiling tiles and wall panels, and
Akupanel - beautiful wood panels with the added benefit of superior sound absorption.  Contact us today!