​Solid sheets of aluminum available in 10 different finishes. Unline our Metal Laminate with phenolic backing, Pure Metal is only metal. The lack of phenolic backing allows the product to be bent, molded or formed in many different ways. 



Name: Pure Metals
Color: 10 available colors

Thickness: 0.5mm

Width: 1250mm / 49" and 3/16"
Length: 2464mm / 97"


Due to monitor capability and color calibrations, actual colors may vary. Pattern size and proportion may also vary in an effort to make the pattern visible online. All images are edited to show the samples as life-like as possible. We cannot guarantee that the color or pattern proportion you see online accurately portrays the true color/size of the product. We recommend that you order complimentary samples to verify color and pattern size.​​​
Pure Metal

Metal front and back!

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More pictures!
  1. PM108 Brite Silver
    PM108 Brite Silver
  2. IM109 Satin Silver
    IM109 Satin Silver
  3. IM110 Brushed Silver
    IM110 Brushed Silver
  4. PM111 Brite Copper
    PM111 Brite Copper
  5. IM112 Satin Copper
    IM112 Satin Copper
  6. IM113 Brushed Gunmetal
    IM113 Brushed Gunmetal
  7. PM101 Brushed Aluminum
    PM101 Brushed Aluminum
  8. PM102 Mirrored Aluminum
    PM102 Mirrored Aluminum
  9. PM103 Mirrored Gold
    PM103 Mirrored Gold
  10. PM104 - Sand Texture
    PM104 - Sand Texture